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Whoever said that comfortable shoes are ugly must have been really ignorant. Or really unstylish. I love today's comfortable shoes. My closet is full of them. They are Dansko and NAOT and Mephisto and they are some of the nicest shoes I have ever seen. I got some of my first pairs when I was a pregnant nurse, but that was years ago. My feet were blown up to size 10, even though they are normally a size 8. I thought Crocs would be really comfortable shoes, but as it turned out, with all the swelling and extra weight and water I was carrying, plus with the polyurethane-type material, they just made my feet sweat. This was not the experience I had hoped for. But I was undeterred... I moved on to a pair of low-heeled Dansko sandals, and I have never looked back.

There is actually some truth to the idea that any shoes can actually be comfortable. Ever since a friend of mine was a child, she has had very wide feet with narrow heels. They call them ďdancerís feetĒ, and they are notoriously difficult to fit. I donít know why they call them dancerís feet, because she's not a very good dancer, either. Turns out her feet are as frustrating to her as shoes were to me during my pregnancy. However, several years ago she was introduced to Josef Seibel and ECCO footwear, and she has never looked back.

Throughout her life, my mother has endured the pain of baby toes getting scrunched into supposedly comfortable shoes. She has bandaged and nursed calluses and corns, bunions and blisters, and every sort of other unmentionable foot problem that you could probably, but would rather not, imagine. She really hated her "comfortable shoes". However, during my pregancy, she tried on the new pair of Birkenstock shoes that I had discarded when my foot ventured beyond size 9. She loved the roomy toebox and has never looked back. Later on, she added Mephisto and NAOT sandals to her list of favorites.

My sister loved her extra-pointy-toed shoes with really high heels, stacked heels, wedges, slinky, strappy sandals, delicate mules, satin slippers, ballet flats, kitten heels, and anything else that does not even closely resemble comfortable shoes - until she turned 31. And all of a sudden, her feet cried "HELP!!!". She literally woke up one day and could no longer wear heels from her favorite brands. So last year, I took her shopping and we found Arche shoes and NAOT boots and Taryn Rose heels. She still misses her old favorites, but her feet put up with her in her new shoes.

Why would I spend my hard-earned money buying shoes that are supposedly comfortable, only to find that when I put them on, they turn out not to be comfortable shoes after all? I would have to be an idiot to do that. I used to ask myself, "When will the people who make fashionable shoes learn how to fit a dancerís foot or a pregnant woman's foot or a nurse's with something beautiful, stylish and affordable, yet also be a truly comfortable shoe?". Well, it happened. And it's happening more and more. And you can find all of these comfortable shoes right here at SBD Shoes.


Comfortable Shoes

Look at how easy it is now to find comfortable shoes for any situation. SBD Shoes has spent valuable time doing research into the most comfortable shoes, so that you are able to make an educated decision on what types and brands of shoes to purchase and how to find the best prices. The shoes on this website range from sandals you would wear on beachfront to the best shoes for the intense rugged terrain of the mountains and forests of your next destination holiday.

For the man that wants to know what the top pair of shoes is, this site for you. Coming in at the number one spot over the past year was a pair of shoes from the maker Merrell - the Intercept. These shoes are rugged enough to withstand trekking out in a forest, and yet they are stylish enough to be seen in town on the city streets. The unique instep and sole create a stability that is versatile to any environment. Voted as the number one choice for comfort, these shoes are definitely a good choice for any man.

This site also has many more incredible shoe brands on it. Merrell Intercept, MBT shoes, with its unique new style, ECCO with its amazingly sleek style and New Balance that has outstanding performance qualities. Each of these shoes brings a diversity to any man's wardrobe. Working with each individual as he looks for the perfect shoes for style and function, we have something for everyone. We have gathered enough information and choices so that a man from any walk of life is able to make an educated choice and still feel like he has his own sense of fashion and style...whether that is what he is trying to do or not!

A comfortable walking shoe is defined as a shoe that should have a firm heel counter, which cradles the heel, helps strengthen the heel cup and keeps your foot in place to help control your walking form. They have a wide walking gait to accommodate men who may have some problems with their feet such as bunions or other feet ailments. Each man should be made to feel comfortable in the shoes he walks in, no matter what his feet are like. They must have a strong well formed sole as well so that the displacement of the weight as they walk is even and soft. This will help to ease pressure on joints all the way from the ankle up to the hips, spine and shoulders.


Dansko Shoes and Sandals

Shoes and sandals should be, at the very least comfortable yet so many lines fail to meet this realistic requirement. They should also be durable and stylish as well. Where can you find a shoe that offers these three very important features? Anywhere dansko shoes are sold!

Dansko sandals pride themselves on their comfort. They are one of the few shoes that has the American Podiatric Medical Association seal for each of it's soles and that makes it a healthy choice. The styles are subtle, universal and feminine and work great for the woman that must wear them all day long and still look great.

Dansko sandals are also a great buy. Each pair is priced right and you get unbelievable quality and comfort for the money you spend. Many shoes that can offer similar comfort charge exceptionally more but Dansko sandals are affordable and have built their reputation by remaining so.

Here are the Top 5 in Spring 2009 Dansko womens shoes offering all of this for a great price:

Melina Stapled Clog in black leather is a very versatile shoe. It goes with just about anything and can take you just about anywhere. They are easy on the back, can be worn all day long in comfort and have an adjustable strap for the comfort you desire.

The Ava Louvre Sandal is a classic black or brown slip on. It can be worn with a pair of shorts and a tee shirt or dolled up with your favorite summer wear. It's a wedge shoe for that added height you desire but the arch and comfort sole you appreciate in a Dansko sandal.

The Alexi Louvre is a modern shoe and the garnet accent is perfect for that stylish element a wedge shoe should have. It is a classy shoe and is built to have a secure fit so while your dancing the salsa or mall walking, you know you won't slip or hurt your ankle.

A basic and supportive sandal is the Cailey Capri. It's leather straps add the earth tone you want for your spring and summer wear.

The Sissy Sausalito is a delicate addition to any wardrobe. It's contrasting brown leather with tan sole make it a great match for most any spring or summer attire.

If you want class and comfort then you want a pair of Dansko Sandals and these Top 5 are sure to bring light to your shoe collection.


Keen Shoes and Sandals

When I go shopping for a new pair of shoes I am pretty picky about what I put on my feet. I have a strong sense of fashion and and acutely aware of how other people notice my shoes. The beauty of today's shoes are that they are quite sophisticated and stylish. You would be hard pressed to find anything in the keen shoes catalog that wasn't both comfortable and highly stylish. They are also not just stylish, but in a way that doesn't reek of being a fad.

The keen shoes line is both unique and yet wrestles the line for classic and contemporary look and feel. One thing I really enjoy about them is the variety of different looks they come in as well as comfort that just tickles my feet in euphoria as I walk. In my old shoes and sandals I would actually dread standing up and walking because of course my shoes were designed for fashion only, not comfort so much.

With my keen shoes, however, I am excited to get up and especially walk. As I walk I get a personal level of comfort that feels as sexy as walking barefoot on a bear skin rug and with all that comfort of course people see me smiling and wonder why I'm so happy, of course I have no explanation to give them, I'd tell them it was the shoes but they wouldn't believe me anyway! The look of my keen shoes are in and of themselves responsible for many a conversation I've had with my friends and even total strangers while waiting for someone.

I never seem to complain about aching feet but then why would I now? I'll tell you one thing that I love about these keen shoes also, they make wonderful gifts. I've been buying them for everyone I know who has ever complained about their shoes or uncomfortable sandles and I really enjoy the look on their face when the slip these babies on for the first time (I make sure to look at them just so I don't miss that look on their face!).


NAOT Shoes and Sandals

NAOT sandals for men and women provide a level of comfort not often found in other sandals. The sandals for men and women come in many different styles that offer something for casual wear all the way through a more classic look. The men's line of sandals offer many classic leather styles that offer comfort through their natural fit foot beds. The men's line also offers a selection of walker sandals built for a more rigorous amount of exercise. These walker sandals have the NAOT removable foot bed for added durability and comfort.

The NAOT sandals for women offer a dazzling array of choices. There are many contemporary styles to choose from as well as a good selection of sandals that offer more of a recreational feel. Many of the women's collections also offer sandals that would be appropriate for work wear or a night on the town. All of the NAOT sandals for women have comfort, stability and durability.

There are also many naot shoes and sandals for spring, now that it has arrived. On the men's side, there is an Executive collection that gives some nice choices for shoes to be worn in the workplace. As with the other NAOT shoes, the men's Executive collection offers comfort, durability and style all in one shoe. This is something that most men would want for their hectic workdays. The men's side of shoes also offers a Walker collection for more casual outings. The Walker collection shoes are still very attractive and boast the same comfort level as other NAOT shoes.

On the women's side of things, there is a more extensive offering of NAOT shoes and sandals for spring. There is an Avant-Garde collection of shoes that are very suitable for the business workplace for women. They offer style to match most outfits, and of course carry the same comfort, durability and support as all of the other NAOT shoes. There is also a Koru collection that offers much more casual, yet stylish shoes for everyday use.

With all of the wonderful options for NAOT sandals and shoes, here are some great new styles for spring:

1. The men's Hendrick sandal offers a suede covered foot bed to wick away moisture and keep you comfortable all day long.

2. The women's Drift sandal is a nice mix of style and comfort. As with all NAOT sandals, it offers the anatomical foot bed that adjusts to the contours of a person's foot for added comfort.

3. The women's Rahina shoe has a great new look for spring and includes a cork and latex foot bed to absorb shock and add support.


Mephisto Shoes and Sandals

Why should you start wearing Mephisto shoes? Mephisto shoes are unbelievably comfortable and awesome! Have you ever sifted your feet through the soft sand on a warm day at the beach? Have you ever walked through squishy mud in a freshly made puddle in your back yard? Well, if you have, you know that nothing compares to that feeling of total comfort on your hard working feet. Need more convincing? I've got the "Top 3 reasons to start wearing mephisto shoes". When we are done with the why I will even tell you how to get your hands on these two little pieces of heaven!

1. The number one top reason you should wear Mephisto shoes is that your feet will thank you. Yes, you read that correctly. Your feet will thank you. When you wear comfortable, great, supporting shoes, your feet will not ache at the end of the day. You will be able to walk farther, get more done, and your feet will feel great at the end of the day. Who doesn't want to get more done in a day?

2. The number two reason you should wear Mephisto shoes is to get your money's worth. Have you ever bought cheap shoes and one week later, the sole starts to "peel". Buying poorly made shoes will ultimately cost you money in the long run. Mephisto shoes are affordable, made well, and will help you get what your good, hard-earned money paid for-a great shoe.

3. The number three reason you should wear Mephisto shoes is to experience the feeling I talked about earlier. These days everyone is entirely too busy and doesn't take enough time for themselves. Any small comfort we can pack into our day to give us those "warm, fuzzy feelings" we should, right? Well, wearing Mephisto shoes can give you that "warm-sand-sifting-through-your-toes,soft- squishy-mud-on-your-feet" feeling without leaving your office.

Now that you can not wait to get your hands on these Mephisto shoes, here's the information. You can find Mephisto shoes online. You can buy directly online or if you can't wait for shipping you can find your nearest store and get them today!


Merrell Shoes Offer Comfort and Durability

Merrell shoes and sandals are offered in a variety of styles for men, women and children. Merrell sandals are known for their comfort and durability. They are also known for their ability to be worn for several different occasions.

All of the merrell shoes and sandals fall into three main categories: shoes, boots and sandals. The men's shoe category offers casual shoes that could be worn for everyday events. Most of them come in a selection of brown and black colors and offer some of the following standard features: full grain leather upper construction, anatomical foot bed construction and an EVA foot frame. The men's Merrell category also offers many hiking shoes that are designed for the person on the go. The hiking shoes are meant to handle rough terrain and most of them are waterproof to handle messy conditions as well. Finally, the men's category does also offer some dress shoes. The advantage of the Merrell dress shoes is that they offer more comfort and stability than a typical dress shoe.

The women's shoe category offers many of the same types of offerings as the men's, but with a couple of twists. Many of the women's casual shoes are designed to keep up with the latest trends and styles in women's fashion. There are a variety of casual and hiking shoes, but there don't seem to be quite as many offerings in the area of dress shoes for women. Again, what sets the Merrell shoes and sandals apart from others is their comfort, stability and durability for the long work day or the weekend hiking adventure.

The men's and women's Merrell sandals offer many selections. The women's sandals have a few more offerings in the area of casual wear. There are also many slip on style sandals offered for men and women for day to day wearing. The largest offering of Merrell sandals comes for men and women in the area of recreational use. These sandals offer a person a very solid foot bed and outer sole for hiking or use around the beach. Most of these recreational sandals are waterproof and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The Merrell boots offer a solid alternative for winter hiking and walking wear.

Like many companies, Merrell shoes and sandals have some new offerings for the spring. Here are the top 3 new offerings:

1. The Chameleon Arc Wind for women - this lightweight shoe offers an excellent option for any walking or hiking excursion.

2. The Waterpro Ottowa for men - this completely waterproof shoe is a good choice for the outdoor enthusiast.

3. The Siren Athena Kids - this is an excellent all around shoe for any child.


Make an Investment in Comfortable Shoes to Protect Your Feet

More and more individuals are now walking for good health. There is nothing better for the system then to walk and enjoy the great passion of getting outdoors and viewing the landscape. Even if it is just a walk around the block there is nothing better to relieve stress and enjoy the quiet time of walking. You can be alone with the world to do some meditation and think about the activities of the day. More and more experts are suggesting that walking is the best physical activity for anyone at any age. Walking also provides a great deal of mental activity as well. All of this helps explain why walking has become so popular over the past decade. To make walking part of your routine for exercise you will need a great pair of comfortable walking shoes to ensure comfort and safety for your feet and legs.

The first thing you should do when doing walking on a regular basis is invest in walking shoes that will make your experience a pleasant one. There is nothing worse than to go walking and come back home with tender and sore feet. You will want the best in quality comfortable shoes to make sure you do not develop any blisters or other problems with your feet.

Think of your shoes as an investment to protect your feet and to make walking as easy as possible. Not only will you protect your feet but you will also be protecting your legs. With the right kind of footwear, your walking experience will be one that you can truly enjoy. You may not realize this but a good pair of shoes will help you to walk faster, and further, thereby helping you to lose weight and gain cardio-vascular strength. With the right kind of shoes, you will be guarding against foot problems and saving your legs from extreme wear and tear as you walk.

Many individuals do not realize that you need the best possible shoes and arch support in order to make sure your walking routine is producing good and healthy results. Do not be afraid to spend a little extra to purchase the best shoes and sandals possible. With the right shoes, your walking will pay dividends for you in the form of better health and more energy then you ever though possible. When you walk you certainly do not want to create other problems by not having a pair of great walking shoes. Make sure you buy the best shoes to safeguard your feet and walking experience.

SBD shoes specializes in comfortable footwear. In the past, "comfort" meant sacrificing style, but not anymore! Check out our selection from brands like Dansko, Ugg boots, ECCO, NAOT, Josef Seibel, Haflinger, MBT shoes and many more...